Mission STatement:

The Institute of Crazyology, a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization, was established in 2022 by David Normal.

The IOC serves the vital function of championing creative madness as a virtue. Crazyology honors, protects, and furthers the “Crazy” in art and culture – particularly San Francisco Bay Area art and culture. It is this inherent craziness that foments the creative brilliance for which the Bay Area is renowned. Not only is the Bay a melting pot boiling over with racial and cultural diversity, but it is like an entire Frankenstein’s laboratory bubbling and frothing with creative chemistry born of a deeply iconoclastic, individualistic, ahem . . . “CRAZYOLOGICAL” temperament.

Since the days of Emperor Norton, SF has always been a magnet for non-conformists and visionaries and a leader in both social and technological revolutions that are reshaping society around the world. Yet, many feel that in recent years this very success has made it increasingly difficult for the seminal San Franciscan creative spirit to survive in the place where it started. The Institute of Crazyology, has been established to protect and to further this San Franciscan way of life through supporting the arts.

CURREnt ProjeCt:
  • Imaginative and intuitive arts and art projects that reflect the bohemian, underground, and countercultural sensibility of CRAZYOLOGY.
  • Crazyology envisions a synthesis of the perpetual countercultural avante-garde of San Francisco bohemia with the latest developments in technology.
  • An art movement, “CRAZYOLOGY”.
  • An art studio/maker-space producing Crazyological art
  • A foundation providing monetary grants, artist in residencies, internships and general support to Crazyological artists and art projects.
  • A museum, gallery, music and performance venue, and community center featuring Crazyological programming.
  • A library and research center for investigating and inquiring into the history and philosophy of all things Crazyological.

David Normal
July 23, 2022