Cathenge Installation in Progress

Over the weekend of June 5th and 6th we made a lot of progress on the Cathenge installation at the Institute of Crazyology. Graphic artist and “Emoji Jedi”, Yiying Lu, came by and took these photos showing the installation in progress.

The Institute has beautiful tiled floors arrayed in squares around the stately pillars of the old art deco Cadillac showroom. The atrium gallery has 6 squares formed of bricks and tile to match 6 Catoliths – divinely ordered it would seem. A just so story in architecture that dictated that we place each Cat Goddess in the center of her own square. Thanata, Erotica, Fortuna, Lyrata, Lunata, Solara – the names of the six Catoliths that comprise Cathenge. Each cat is paired off facing another, like Pharaonic statues at Karnak.

The above photos show the process of installation: First, the bases were moved into place using a gantry crane. Then the Catolith spines and the cats were placed on the bases. The next stages will

Lighting in Progress . . .

Arranging lighting for the Institute of Crazyology. Ron Halbert and Maitland figuring it out. That’s an Asmat tribal war shield on the wall. With the uplighting the relief in the carving really pops beautifully.

Ron Halbert experiments with LED uplight as Maitland considers the effect.

On Saturday we will move the cat bases into place and on Sunday we will stand the Catoliths on their bases.

We’re making solid progress at the Institute of Crazyology, and if you like what you see then please don’t hesitate to support the effort:

We’ve raised $600. so far, and we’re very grateful for the support.