The proverbial “method to the madness” and the essential “madness of the method”

Institute of Crazyology where the lunatics run the asylum!

Crazyology is the crack in reason where the light of the imagination shines through! Re

  1. Concepts of Crazyology
      1. Pseudocism
      2. Crappicism
      3. Cornography
      4. Sleazometry
      5. Animalgamation
      6. Icongruity
      7. Blobularism
      8. Photophilia
  1. Why Crazyology? To what ends?
    • To define intuition as a cognitive and cultural zeitgeist informing civilization.
    • Explore and celebrate the power of Human Imagination
    • Unifying/synthesizing disparate intuitive movements into one eclectic mutant alliance
      1. “New Age” (Urrgh!)
      2. “Occult”
      3. “Fringe”
      4. “Countercultural”
      5. “Psychedelic”
      6. “Sci-Fi”
      7. “Fetish”
    • Renewing Surrealism
      1. Surrealism without Communism/leftist pretensions
      2. Jungian Surrealism vs. Freudian Surrealism
    • Renewing Psychedelia
      1. Genre free psychedelicism
    • Renewing Festival Culture
      1. Returning to inspirational origins
        1. Happenings
        2. Acid Tests
        3. Cabaret Voltaire – DaDA
        4. Lightshows+Rock’n’Roll+Eastern Mysticism+Circus+
        5. Feasts of Fools/Carnivale/Saturnalia

The Institute of Crazyology; the gallery, studios, and forthcoming cafe at 1000 Van Ness, provide the vital forum for tangible, physical, real-life experiments and inquiries into the nature of Crazyology, and a venue for expressions resulting from such enterprising inquiries.

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