Peter Shaw “Sides of Barn” opening with Inaugural Ball

The Institute of Crazyology is very pleased to present new paintings by Peter Shaw. These will debut at the Crazyology Inaugural Ball on Sunday, June 20th.

MENDOCINO’/‘RedwoodDuff’2020-2021 environmental-painting series

The ‘MENDOCINO’/‘RedwoodDuff’2020-2021 environmental-painting series artworks are typically made outside and are made with paint on-paper and paint on-canvas utilizing the organic plant materials that comprise the natural ground-covering of the California Coastal Redwood Forest ie. redwood-duff.

Currently, Shaw is making 2-108”x114” on-canvas ‘MENDOCINO’2021 artworks; ‘LavenderMendocino’2021 and ‘BoogieMendocino’2021 as unique large-format environmental-paintings, on white/raw canvas.

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