We’re having the first Purrzday Kava and Piano Salon this upcoming Thursday, August 5th. Come join us for enchanting kava, emanations of Universal Cat Consciousness, AND an exquisite piano recital by Amy Norman and Paulo Sultanum. This will be a weekly artistic salon that centers around piano music, but is also a forum for other arts, artistic discussion, and social evolution – all in the eclectic spirit of CRAZYOLOGY!

Welcome to Purrzdays at The Institute of Crazyology at 1000 Van Ness! Starting this month of August, 2021 we will be opening a pop up Kava Salon and Piano Lounge Thursday evenings every week.

Ponder holofelinity roaming within Cathenge; an immersive, sound healing art experience, by David Normal. The Cat Temple is home to feline souls who appreciate a sensual and stimulating environment.

Surrounded by colorful cats, hear the sounds of the talented pianists:

7:30 PM Amy Norman

9:00 PM Paulo V Sultanum

Purrrforming at the Instititute’s shimmering baby grand piano (donated by Sunset Piano)

Walk among the columns and grand statues under the ornate lofted golden ceilings of The Institute of Crazyology (a historic Cadillac showroom) creating a unique acoustic resonance for our pianists to truly shine.

Hannah Wise and Sunny Vinson, high stewardesses of the Institute, will be offering Kava Kava. An enchanting Polynesian traditional libation tickling the GABA receptors in the brain. An empathogenic-like brew that brings on the feline vibrations of relaxation.

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