Updated Crazyology Ball Schedule

“The Inaugural Crazyology Ball”

8 PM:  Doors Open!  Window Curtains Up!

8:45 PM: Windiw Curtains down

8:45 PM:  “Portals of Icongruity” Video Installation by David Normal and Ron Halbert 

9 PM:  “Crazyology” Introductory Remarks by David Normal

9:15 PM:  “Cathenge Cat Temple Immersive Experience” Sculpture Installation by David Normal with Theremin Barney and Titanic.Design (Tom Price).

10:30 PM:  “Space Cat Invocation” by Dr. Hal of the Church of the Subgenius (Harry Scifres Robins) with accompaniment by pianist William Benjamin.

10:45 PM:  “Misirlou” piano performance by William Benjamin.

10:45 PM:  “Cat Priestesses of Pussiopolis” Ceremonial Dance to “Misirlou” Piano Performance by William Benjamin.

11:00 PM:  DJ Sets by:

Jonah th’Mole


Betty Uscochi


Residual Birth

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