Cathenge 2019-2021 Credits

It’s been a week since the “Inaugural Crazyology Ball” with the installation of Cathenge at 1000 Van Ness. I feel this was a milestone achievement in my career, but also reflected the hard-work and dedication of a team of loyal collaborators and assistants over a 2+ year period.

Creating Cathenge to begin with for Burning Man 2019, and then resurrecting it from the oblivion of perpetual storage to prominent display at the Institute of Crazyology, has been one big colossal undertaking. So many people have been involved, but I have listed here, in alphabetical order, the primary crew. Many people put many, many hours into Cathenge – a great collective effort! This list in no way reflects the trials and tribulations, challenges surmounted, and obstacles overcome in making this project – that is a story for a more detailed document – but I hope it reflects my gratitude to all involved.

Alphabetized Cathenge Team and Supporters (2019-21):

Aaron Winette (Sound/Electronics)
Akshay Patel (Assistant)
Andrew Spalding (Carpentry, Cathenge Triangular Platforms)
April Naftalin (Assistant, Catolith assembly, Wife)
Argent Lloyd (Shibari Performance, Camp support)
Artur Pyrogovksyi (Electronics, Catolith Sounds, LED lighting, Coding)
Ben Nehmadi (Donor)
Brad Allen (Fire Braziers, Grant writing, Logistics, Cleanup)
Burning Man Foundation (Honorarium Grant, Support)
Cheryl Edison (“Larry’s Creatopia” – Cathenge Build site, Playa build support, Cathenge storage)
Chris Kemp/Astra (“Larry’s Creatopia” – Cathenge Build site, Cathenge storage)
David Normal (Director)
Drew Clark (Assistant)
Eric Sanchez (Concrete Bases)
Hal Robins (“Space Cat Invocation”)
Hannah Wise (Kava Bar, Assistant, Cat Priestess)
Jaybird (Playa Cleanup)
John Law (Crazyology Support, Doggy Diner Heads, Consultation)
Jose Van Ness (Assistant)
Justin Time (Assistant)|
Kathryn Shepherd (Donor, Mother)
Katie King (Donor)
Kris Peterson (Electrical, Advisor)
Lewis Shepherd (Donor, Step-father)
Liam McNamara (Logistics, Build, Cathenge placement)
Lita (Cat Priestess)
Lukas What What (Lighting)
McKenzie Logan (Cat Priestess)
Maitland (Electrical, Lighting)
Marian Goodell (Supporter, Burning Man Foundation)
Mark Wurtzel (Assistant, Lighting)
Melanie Doyle (Assistant)
Natalie Wegenka (Cat Priestess)
No.e Sunflowrfish (Catolith Sound, Purring)
Rebecca Thieneman (Catolith Harmonics)
Roger Mihalko (Concrete Bases, Assistant)
Ron Halbert (Projections, Lighting)
Saya Olivia Hayashi (Cat Priestess)
Sean Monaghan (Bronze Plaques)
Shaw (Chinese Website, Translation)
Spoon (Interactive Video Projections)
Suci Li (Chinese Website, Advisor)
Theremin Barney (Touch Interactivity, Electronics, Assistant)
Tom Price (3D Printing)
Yiying Lu (Crazyology Handbills, Advisor)

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