Updated 3D Viz for Cathenge at Crazyology

These renders show Cathenge in its definite placement within the Institute. The hall is composed of 6 squares defined by the spacing of the pillars as well as the tile work. There are six cats to center naturally in these six squares.

The renders also show the deployment of the platform triangles into 3 separate two tiered triangular stages. Twelve of the 24 platform triangles made by Andrew Spalding were loaded into the Institute, and all that’s needed is to place them and put legs on them as seen here (and I think I have just enough 4x4s for the legs).

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  1. Dave, I am blown away. Can’t wait to get to mean old Bagdad by the bay to see it in the flesh. Dave
    Can’t wait to get back to damaged baggage by the bay.
    Dave, I am blown away.

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